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Blockchain: трансформация будущего

18.12.2017 @ 19:00 - 21:30

We are on the verge a massive, global change, much like the early days of the Internet. Blockchain technology, extremely secure distributed ledgers, will soon displace legacy databases and their bloated infrastructure in dozens of industries from Wall Street to supply chain management. Secure, running records of verified transactions get chained together and replicated in nodes across blockchain networks. Blockchains will speed up the global economy by allowing companies to complete global transactions faster across borders while guaranteeing data integrity.

Physical, legal, and financial transactions are tied together in a Blockchain, a series of transactions recorded in a distributed ledger without the need for a centralized authority. The economic impact is enormous; Blockchains will account for trillions of dollars in transactions across key industries including healthcare, insurance, real estate, government, banking, and financial markets by 2020.
— Is Blockchain all that it is cracked up to be?
— Which companies stand to lose the most from Blockchain adoption?
— Will Blockchain save businesses and consumers save billions of dollars by reducing losses from theft and fraud?


19:00 - 21:30
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Yellow Door
Страстной бульвар 12/1
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